Justin McClure, TED Talk speaker, creative director, social strategist, and most notably the father of Forbes Magazine’s Top Most Influential Kids of 2017, the McClure Twins, has taken the world by storm with his inspirational tragedy-to-triumph story and dynamic style of speaking. Beginning his career in entertainment as a stand-up comedian in the mid-2000s, Justin performed live shows nationwide and overseas for U.S. troops for over a decade.

He began his circuit of speaking engagements with the TEDxYouth@HCCS event held in Brooklyn, NY in June of 2019. Justin spoke at length on the theme Overcoming Mountains, relating the theme to his success story of overcoming addiction to becoming a content creator and creative director for the McClure Twins Family.

In the summer of 2019, Justin was chosen to speak at the TEDxFredericksburg event in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He candidly recalled his journey through alcoholism, drug addiction, and womanizing tendencies to catapulting his family into social media stardom, reaching over 5 million followers. He leaves the audience with this resonating quote, “If you know what you want to do and it’s a noble endeavor, then search your life and see if there is anything that can distract you from that noble achievement and get it OUT OF YOUR LIFE.”

Both Justin and Ami McClure were invited to speak together at the TEDxBismarck event in Bismarck, North Dakota on the theme Balance in August of 2019. They spoke about managing a family and a business when the two are synonymous. They also emphasized the significance

of building a family while working together and how essential it is to define specific roles in the family and in the business.

Justin’s words continued to impact tens of thousands of people across America, captivating audiences on topics such as brand building, entrepreneurship, balancing a family and a business, and sharing stories about humility, sobriety, personal growth, and success.

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“The Biggest Distraction to Success Was Myself” – Justin McClure

“At this point in my life, I took things day by day. I realized that I was insecure and wanted to be loved. Before I could be loved, I had to first love myself.” – Justin McClure