In 2016, the McClure Twins, Ava and Alexis, became viral sensations from their video Twins Realize They Look the Same, in which Alexis cried about being one minute younger. Following the success of the video, the McClures saw an influx of social media followers that they’ve captivated with their family-focused, positive content. In just three years since the viral video, the McClure Twins Family now have over 5 million followers and subscribers across all social media platforms.

The McClures made their television debut on the Today Show and then Good Morning America shortly thereafter. Their Youtube channel shows an in-depth look at the family’s latest adventures. Justin produces and conceptualizes all of the McClures’ creative content. The family of influencers have been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Daily News, Yahoo, NBC, People Magazine, and most recently The Wall Street Journal. They’ve also partnered with Walmart, LEGO, S.C. Johnson, Mattel, Wayfair, Crest, Facebook, Google, Disney Junior, and many more. Justin has partnered with Dollar Shave Club.

The McClures collaborated with industry elites such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Tracey Edmonds, and Will Smith. They’ve also worked with Kendall Kyndall, Jasmine Brown, Crissa Jackson, and Chris Grant.

Justin features snippets of the McClure Family’s content on his personal Instagram account, which boasts over 210,000 followers. He also shares clips from his TEDx Talks where he speaks on his own personal tragedies and how he successfully overcame adversity to become the charismatic, infectious, and relatable husband and father that millions of fans came to know and love.

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“Where we are today is no accident. It’s work and hard work and it should be.” – Justin McClure