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Justin McClure offers the best advice and training on turning your social media or YouTube into an internet success through his experience of video, photography, social media, and brand awareness.

“Justin, your message was so heart felt to me and has encouraged me to stay the course, be aware of my own acts of self sabotage and embrace the changes in me that’s so required! Thank youuuu Sir! God bless you!”

“I’ve always wanted to do YouTube so I’m sticking to it even though I can be my main block to my success with doubt. But I’m enjoying my journey (in-between the doubts haha) and I love your family.”

“Motivational Speaking seems to come natural to you. Great job Justin. I’m so glad you are a part of the girls life.. You changed your life for the better… congrats 🎉🎊”

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Recent TedX Talks & Engagements

Justin McClure has spoken in several Ted Talks. His latest TedX talk discusses how the biggest distraction to your success could be yourself.

Watch the latest TedX Video by Justin McClure or browse past and future videos on the official Justin K. McClure website.

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Across all of his channels and social media accounts, Justin K. McClure (and family) has a following of over 6 million subscribers and followers. He has created this following in just a few short years using his videography, photography, digital marketing and social media skills.

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McClure Media Courses & Consulting

Whether you are trying to become the next YouTube star or simply looking to increase your social media following base, McClure Media is your place for credible and quality training and consulting. Justin McClure provides all of the latest tips and secrets it takes to become successful online in 2019.

Professional Consulting & Training Material Includes

  • Video Production in 2019
  • Brand Consulting
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media
  • Keynote Speaking
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